Chiado, Lisbon Shopping District


The Chiado is one of the most iconic and traditional city of Lisbon. Located between Bairro Alto and Baixa.

In 1856, with the creation of the literary guild, a club of intellectuals of the time, Chiado became the center of Portuguese Romanticism, obligatory passage point for anyone who wanted to be known in the city. The writer Eca de Queiroz in his book “The Maya” did great reference to Chiado and the Literary Guild.


The Chiado divides the parishes of Sacramento and the Martires (Martyrs), two of the smaller Lisbon.

<strong>The name Chiado
Said Chiado was a sixteenth-century tavern, owner of property located opposite the Convent of the Holy Spirit, now and then Palace Barcelinhos Chiado Warehouses.

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