If you want to feel the City you must come to Chiado.

Baixa(Downtown) and Chiado were main shopping districts in Lisbon until the emergence of modern shopping center in Lisbon in the 80`s.

After 1833 in Chiado settled up poets and writers, artists and politicians, high society and the bourgeoisie, and emerged libraries and secular academies, clubs and cafés, theaters and can-cans. It stated Chiado Modern Romantics and the progressive nineteenth century, and intellectuals of the twentieth century. Religious orders left the scene definitely.


Is the name of a square and its surrounding area in the city of Lisbon, in Portugal. The Chiado is located between the neighbourhoods of Bairro Alto and Baixa Pombalina.

The Chiado is a traditional shopping area that mixes old and modern commercial establishments, concentrated specially in the Carmo and Garrett Streets. Locals as well as tourists visit the Chiado to buy books, garments, pottery as well as to have a cup of coffee. The most famous café of Chiado is “A Brasileira”, famous for having had poet Fernando Pessoa among its customers. The Chiado is also an important cultural area, with several museums and theaters.


Several buildings of the Chiado were destroyed in a terrible fire in 1988, an event that deeply shocked the country. Thanks to a renovation project that lasted more than 10 years, coordinated by celebrated architect Siza Vieira, the affected area is now recovered.