Príncipe Real

The Principe Real (Royal Prince) is bubbling with activity. Check out all the new developments that are making this traditional Lisbon neighborhood simply irresistible.

With several national breeders to open shop in this historic district of Lisbon fashion, offering design is even more complete. In contrast to a life of strong neighborhood and a well-preserved architecture, the Royal Prince runs the risk of becoming the trendiest district of the capital.
Most have been replaced with antique French pastries, unique design or hairdressing shops with terraces, giving life to a single neighborhood. Nuno Gama and Alexandra Moura opened their shops recently, joining names like Lidija Kolovrat Manufacturing and Infinity.

The charm and design make Prince Real obligatory stop for tourists and not only!


Santa Catarina Parish

The civil parish Santa Catarina was instituted in on October 9, 1559, when it was de-annexed from the neighbouring parishes of Loreto (which later became Encarnação and Mártires, and included a stretch of land descending from Principe Real to Boavista. Its territory was one of the more extensive urban areas and, until the end of the 20th Century, one of the most populous. Its history was linked to Portuguese discoveries in the 14th and 15th Century, and is characterized by a diverse historical, sociological and cultural influence that mingled the aristocratic and popular.

The administrative limits have suffered successive alterations, the last of which (1959) caused controversy by removing many of the emblematic infrastructures of the parish. This included, specifically, the de-annexation of the area around the Miradouro do Alto de Santa Catarina, an area considered a historical link to the areas past, and which provided in the 16th-17th Centuries assisted the patrol of the Tejo River.